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The Anti-poverty network Cymru (APNC) is a constituted body with a membership of over 80 organisations and individuals actively involved or interested in community regeneration practice in Wales.

The membership is made up of representatives from the voluntary, statutory and community sectors – and of individuals with direct experience of poverty who have no access to a community group in their area. All regions of Wales are included in the membership base, reflecting the different but related issues facing people in the urban valleys, in the North, in rural mid Wales and on the West Coast.

The APNC is the Welsh component of the UK Coalition against Poverty. The other networks which make up the coalition are the Poverty Alliance from Scotland, the Northern Ireland Anti Poverty Network and the All England Anti-poverty Alliance.

The APNC is also a member of the Social Policy Task Force (SPTF). This is a joint working vehicle engaged in the follow up of the UK National Action Plans on Social Inclusion.

APNC also participates within the European Anti-poverty network in order to ensure that the voice from Wales is not lost.

APNC’s constitutional aims are:

a) To alleviate and eradicate poverty

b) To promote social justice and equality

c) To influence policy change, ensuring:
that the process of policy change is influenced and underpinned by the experience of people encountering poverty and their full participation in policy development

APNC’s key objectives are:

a) To ensure that people experiencing poverty in Wales have the opportunity to engage with and influence decision makers at a Wales, UK and EU level

b) To expand the community group-base of he network thus ensuring that the network is lead by its grass-roots members

c) To empower the community sector to be a voice of influence in society

APNC’s Key Underlying Policies Are:

a) The APNC exists to eliminate poverty. Above all APNC focuses on poverty within Wales.

b) The APNC accepts in full the UKCAP definition of 'poverty’.

c) People who experience poverty in Wales are affected by devolved and non-devolved policies. The APNC believes that decision-makers and practitioners responsible for the writing and administration of anti-poverty policies must be made accountable to the people affected by these policies.

d) The APNC believes that people who are closest to a problem are the best placed to offer the solutions. Therefore, people who experience poverty must be enabled to participate directly, at all levels, in decisions that affect their lives.

e) The APNC believes that the Welsh Assembly Government and the UK government must integrate gender, disability, ethnic origin, religious belief, age and sexual orientation as crucial elements on which to construct all anti-poverty strategies that promote equality.

July 2003

For further information on APNC please contact:

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